Monday, 17 September 2018

Types Of Pellet Feed Machine in Poultry and Cattle Feed Plant

The flat die pellet mill machine is the most basic style among pellet mill machine used in the poultry and cattle feed plant, which is generally known as flat die mill machine. The initial string of studies gives the impression that the pellet mill machines had actually directed for the cattle industry, at the end of the 1960s. In the biomass pellet, energy flat dies pellet feed machines are expanding quickly with the growing need for complete new power.

Biomass Pellet Feed Machine for Cattle-

The biomass feed pallet machine which is used in the cattle and poultry firm needs skilled user and is recognized as a suitable machine. The turkey project consultants will the user that there exists a rather rigorous need in the wetness of substance along with an addition to the necessary mixing attributes, in order to obtain top quality and long lasting biomass pellets. Within all wood, lignin is essentially used as a binder, while several biomass pellets need an additional binder.

Flat die pellet Machine for Poultry Feed-

There is a flat die, in flat die pellet machine. Apart from that, there are strings of rollers on the pellet flat die machine. The feed is placed at the head of the machine and then being pressed between the two parts. There are mainly two types of pellet mill machine which are used for cattle and poultry industry. With a fixed roller, a few styles possess a revolving die. With a revolving roller, other fixed dies are also used for cattle food industry.

For the bigger flat die pellet mill machine, the second style is growing in popularity. The flat die pellet mill machine is usually applied in small pellets, as the machines light in bodyweight and easy style.

Rollers In The Pellet Feed Machine-

For the production biomass pellets, rollers are by far the most important piece. The roller should be anti- endurable, as it consists of alloy steel. With the larger ability to produce biomass pellets, the advanced flat machine has several sets of rollers. For pressing substance into biomass pellets, the flat die has numerous pellets opening. The size of openings in the flat die is 3 - 10 millimeters. Ideal for making food the cattle and poultry industry, the flat die is made easy in contrast to ring die pellet mill machine.

Standard Features For Pellet Feed Machine-

To produce pellets feed poultry feed machine uses gearing driving. There are some standard features of the poultry feed mill machine.
      The feed pellet machine is made of stainless steel.
      There are 2 or 3 rolls for the feed pellet mill machine.
     To ensure low noise and long service, key positions of pellet machine adopt imported bearing. The roll setting standard can be automatic or manual. Because of strengthening ring die, ring die distortion will be well prevented.


If one is looking for pellet feed machine then one can look for consultants of “ Priti International  who can guide in case of installation and functioning.

Monday, 3 September 2018

How to Operate and Maintain Water Softening Plant in Kolkata

From tanks and water supplies and from bore wells, hard water is taken to plant and then it is treated in the water softening plant in kolkata. The total hardness of the water is measured by the high mineral content of water and will create problems in chocking of pipes, hot water geysers, and poor quality of washing in machines. By installing a water softening plant, this is often taken care of.

How Does the Plant Work?

Made either or fibreglass composite or mild steel, the water softener plant comprises the pressure vessel. To soften water, it contains a bed of ion – exchanger. The turkey project consultants will assist the buyer about the installation and make understand the functioning of the water softener. With a specified amount of salt filled, the water softener plant provides the water in the tank a value for the purpose of softening. To make a solution of brine, the water dissolves the salt.  From the hard water passing through it, the resin bed inside is capable of softening it. On the capacity of resin and hardness of the water, the quality of water to be softened is dependent. The resin capacity has to be regenerated by injecting a salt solution when it is exhausted. To provide a detailed maintenance and operation manual which gives detailed instruction on how to operate and regenerate it, the consultants provide it.

Before it gets exhausted, the exhausted indicates the total capability of the softener to soften the water. To prepare brine for one re-generation, the manual also indicates how many kilos of salt are to be filled in the salt tank. To inject the brine into softener, prepare to it produce the soft water for another cycle of operation and how to operate the valves, all are given in the manual given provided by the consultant.

In order to monitor the softening of the water, every softener must have a water meter fitted with them. Since the water does to drain and usually ends in Sewage Treatment Plant, hence water meter also assists in measuring the water used for regeneration. There should be a hardness testing kit in every softener so that one will know the softener producing soft water and the time it gets exhausting.
There are two procedures which should be followed by the water treatment and softening plant.

Process for Regeneration:-

On the log book, one needs to make water meter reading. If the softener manual calls for it, one needs to start the backwash. For a specified duration, one needs to carry out backwash. Into the softener, one needs to inject the salt solution. One needs to start to the procedure of rinsing to remove all the surplus brine when brine injection is over.


In the end, it can be said that water softening plant is making the water is used the water and consultant of “Priti International” can help one to understand the functioning of the water softener.

Monday, 20 August 2018

How Can the Consultant Help in Installation of Biscuit Plant?

By minimizing downtime, manufacturers worldwide know that less maintenance can improve the production, as consultants will tell the owner to buy machinery for Biscuit Making Plant Install. But rather on a proactive basis, the performance of the machinery is conducted on a reactive basis. The absence of spare parts, the age of equipment and the rapid pace of manufacturing are often blamed.
Due to the increase in production, it is possible to apply production maintenance and this will save the money and cost at the same time.

From starting the unit operations, the consultant will take an imperative decision of the installation of the correct machinery, which is a part of starting of production.The Turkey Project Solutions consultant looks after the capacity of the machine and can tell the owner, which machine can produce how much quantity of biscuits. The consultant will decide what type of machinery should be installed after checking the ground condition, area, and space of the manufacturing unit.

Procedures for Installation:-
For proper machine seating, safe and suitable cradle must be provided, with a clutch ensuring the safe transmission of torque to the driven equipment from the driving equipment. To compensate for the thermal dilation of the machines and bearing lift in sliding bearings, consultants should check the clutch which permits the necessity radial and axial clearances.
The main task includes inspection of the clutch, visual inspection of the cradle, checking of auxiliary and main electric circuit connection. There is also checking of circuit cooling connection and lubrication circuit connection.

Specific Installation Services:-  
At the time of installation, there are several and more typical installation procedures, which the consultants should check. The consultants should check the drilling and preparation of floor fixing, datum survey and alignment check, preparation of footings and foundation, positioning checks and floor marking. Along with the installation of guards or ancillary equipment, consultants will look into the mechanical installation.

Levelling and Alignment:-
Along with ventilation and ducting system, the consultant will look after electrical and mechanical service installation. The personals will also check the access platforms, walkways, and installation of floor plates. Then the pre-commissioning and testing work is done, along with testing. In conjugation with the client, final commissioning work is done. Then the machine is handed over to the client.

To check whether the necessary parameters are kept, the consultants check the mechanical and electrical installations. For starting of machinery, supervisory and auxiliary circuits are checked along with operation.
There are certain things which include checking of machine wiring and electrical measurement, visual inspection of main cables terminals, testing and calibrating set up parameters.

With a record, as soon as the parameters are set and the correct operation is tested and confirmed commission work for the machine is completed and the machine is handed over to the client. The consultants of ‘Priti International’ will guide the client through the whole process of installation in a smooth way.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Everything One Should Know About Plant for the Soda Water in Deep Details

For the benefit of the health, drinking water is very important. Moreover, soda water is another form of drinking water, which is processed in the Soda Water Plant. Many find it hard to keep a track on how many glasses one has consumed. One might find that the taste gets a little boring when one consumes nearly a few glasses one after another. Some people often look for an extra kick, although many are fine with plain water. Without using other beverages, one can try out soda water which is manufactured in large quantities in the factory. 

Drink, feel and taste the great soda water fresh from the manufacturing plants. One can even try out preparing soda with the help of experts.
Adding a bubbly and refreshing feeling to the drink, soda water is essentially regular water which is combined with carbon dioxide. By adding all the chemicals and sugars, this can be made into a carbonated drink. The soda water often comes with a degree of fuzziness, often known as sparkling water. Used to produce soda water, this often depends on the Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Kolkata. In the industrial area, there are many machines which are manufacturing this water in a new way and filling up the thirst of the people at the same time.

With a fizzy twist, soda water presents amazing advantages of regular water. There are several advantages of soda water, which includes flushing out toxins, weight management, boosting of the immune system and improving the skin. This water can offer nutrients and advantages of the fruit when soda water is infused with fruit. This can include various alkaline properties, as well as vitamin C. For some dissimilar taste, one can infuse strawberries, watermelon and lemon with the soda water.
Since these fruits do not contain sugar, they are far better than pop. Due to combined erosive action heavy carbon dioxide and sugar, pop can pose a serious threat to the teeth as well as health. When compared to regular water, soda water affects teeth and health in a minimal way and over other soft drink, pop and juices, the soda water is 100 times less harmful. 

For those who are trying to leave the drinking of a huge quantity of juice or pop, soda water can be a gateway for a healthy drink. For many people, addiction to sugary carbonated drink can be a big problem. To adopt a more healthy and balanced lifestyle, soda water can be a great replacement. When people embark on a low-calorie diet as well, people start to drink soda water. This will make the person less hungry since the soda water makes the stomach a little fuller.

In the end, it can be said soda water is a great item if manufactured properly. If one is looking for the soda water processing machine, then one can take the guide of the experts of ‘Priti International’ who are very helpful.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Know the Functions Of Water Treatment Manufacture Plants In Details

For the repair, operation maintenance of the water supply system, the water treatment plant is responsible. The treatment of water is mainly done by the water treatment plant manufacturer in kolkata, who tries to purify and clean the aqua for various purposes.  From the pumping resources and raw water diversions, it includes all areas of O2 supply string starting with raw pipelines, treatment, the aqua pumping provision in a finished way and the finished water storage provisions.

To a natural process of aqua purification, wastewater treatment is an addition. Wastewater treatment plans are organized and executed by the water plant manufacturer in kolkata. To purify the aqua and make it useful again, sewage treatment plants and industrial plants are used.
To make life better in a natural way, one can join hand to make water pure with treatment plants. 

Primary Treatment:- 

To get quality O2 which is free from bad bacteria, aqua manufacturers used grit, chamber, screens and sedimentation tank. The sewage passes through the cleaning procedure before ejection of the quality aqua is done. It can come across to a screen for removal of large floating objects that can damage or block the equipment or pipe when sewage influent in the plant is taken for treatment. 

The O2 falls into a grit chamber when small objects are segregated from the water, after completion of the primary screening process. With the inorganic and organic material, sewage water contains many suspended solids which are needed to be removed. Minute particles are required to be removed, for water purification. For this procedure, the sedimentation tank is used. 

When the flow of aqua is reduced, the solid sinks to the bottom of the tank. Through pumping, the solids which are also referred as bio solids are thrown out of the tank. But it is seen that the primary method was unable to increase the quality needs of the community. 

Secondary treatment:-

In the second stage, nearly 85% of the inorganic and organic waste materials are thrown out of aqua, by applying activated sludge and trickling filter method. This filter is nearly six feet deep, through which the sewage goes. After trickling filter removes the bacteria, partially treated sewage gets transmitted to another sedimentation tank.

Nowadays, in place of trickling filter, activated sludge procedure is used. Compared to the trickling filter, the procedure is providing easy and fast results. Sewage flows into an aeration tank, after the initial stage of the sedimentation tank.
The effluent of sedimentation tank is disinfected with the assistance of chlorine to kill pathogenic bacteria and remove odour before being discharged to water communities, at the end of the stage. 


To understand how the aqua treatment management works, one can come to Priti International to take a look at how the whole O2 treatment plant is functioning and how the work is done.