Tuesday, 19 June 2018

How Do An Automatic Pouch Filling and Sealing Machine Works?

Before using even the best quality Pouch filling and sealing machine in Kolkata, it is important to know how the automatic machine actually works

Pouch filling and sealing machines are designed with a rotary or an inline layout. The design of the best quality Pouch Filling and Sealing Machine in Kolkata conserves the floor space of the plant and is manufactured with intelligent and experienced minds. Explore the working of the machine. 

-         Pouch loading:- The pouches are manually loaded by the operator. The pouches are conveyed to the filling and sealing machine by the pouch feeder roller.
-         Pouch gripping:- When a pouch is detected by the proximity sensor, the vacuum pouch loader is   found to pick up the pouch and then transfers it to the set of grippers that hold the pouch. The gripper are made to continually hold up to ten kilograms on the best models of the pouch filling and sealing machines.
-         Embossing or optional printing:- If embossing or printing is wanted then the equipment will have to be placed at the station. Pouch filling and sealing machine can utilize either the inkjet printers or the thermal printers. The printer can place the desired date on the pouches. The option of embossing places the raised date in the pouch seal.
-         Zipper or the bag opening detection:- If the pouch has the zipper system, the vacuum suction pad helps in opening the bottom part of the pouch. If the pouch does not have any zipper system then the vacuum suction pads still help in opening the lower part of the pouch but keep the air blower engaged. Two sensors are there to detect the presence.
-         Pouch filling:- If water has to be sealed in the pouch then it is dropped down the pouch funnel by a multi hued scale. For water pouch filling machines used by a Packaged Drinking Water Plant in Kolkata, the water is pumped into the pouch by the liquid filler having a nozzle. The filling apparatus is actually responsible for the right measurement and the release of the discrete quantities of water to be filled into a pouch.
-        Pouch filling and deflation:- The remaining air is then squeezed out of pouch by two deflector components prior the sealing is done. The hot seal bar closes on the pouch’s upper part. Making use of the heat and the pressure, the premature pouch’s sealant layers are bonded in order to make a stronger seam. 
-        Cooling and discharge:- The cooling bar of the machine is made to pass over the seal in order to strengthen as well as flatten it. Then the finished pouch is discharged into the receptacle or onto the conveyor.    

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Any Liquid Product in Stand-Up Pouches Looks Much More Presentable

Consumers love the convenience when they get in in pouch especially the liquid products which can stand. Because of its growing popularity, big factories should own Pouch filling and sealing machine in Kolkata

Be it any soft drink, cola or any fruit juice. Have anyone wondered how those stand-up pouches are made? What machine is needed in order to make these pouches? Most probably and almost everyone gives it miss because none of our business has nothing to do with these pouches. But very certainly the factories who are creating this pouches they already aware what is it? Why is it so essential in packaged drinking industries? Anyone who is planning to set up a packaged drinking water plant in Kolkata, they most likely know, in order to create this pouches, a factory needs a Pouch Filling and Sealing Machine in Kolkata.

This blog will try to cover the basics how exactly this machine work? How does it become so used for packaged drinking industry?

Basically, this machine is very helpful and a key machine especially in Packaged Drinking Water Plant in Kolkata.

This machine or equipment one may call it, is capable enough to fill the pouches (Premade) with some related products, most often some liquid drink. It can also help in seal the package to shut the pouch. This comes in two varieties, one is rotary and the other one is inclined.

The very action that it performs is load into the bag magazine in the sealing and liquid filling machine. It is a manual process which completes every regular interval by some human operator. With the help of a bag feeder roller then the pouches are conveyed into the interior of the machine. When this gets done, the pouch will be detected in the magazine by a sensor. It is called proximity sensor as well. It can grasp the entire pad vacuum suction which lifted to set of gripper bags. It then consistently lift the bag throughout its journey to each station of the pouching machine.

It also requires a lot of codes in order to finish the package. Also, this station can be fitted with an embossing or printing equipment. An inkjet printer is highly recommended in this process. But then again it also has thermal transfer options.

In process of the pouch opening the suction pads (vacuum) which can grasp the exterior of the liquid pouch and very gently open the bag. If the pouch happens to fixed with a zipper, this suction will re-open it in order to catch the top side of the bag to open it. Sensors are always there to detect to check the presence of the pouch.

There are lot other processes involved before it actually becomes a proper stand-up pouch. We would strongly recommend you to go through different articles and blogs on the internet to have a perception and clarity of the machine.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

What Are The Benefits Of Plastic Injection Molding?


Before using a PVC molding machine, it is important to know advantages of using it in your industry. Explore the benefits of such a machine. 

The most reputed PVC Moulding Machine Manufacturers in Kolkata specialize in the manufacturing of the injection molded plastic products ranging from the medical service components and the domestic products to the other products and farm machinery parts. The entire procedure includes melting the polymer plastic granules and then feeding these under extreme pressure into the precision-engineered mold tool cavity. Here the melted plastic cools down and gets hardened to the cavity shape. 

There are several benefits of using this PVC Molding Machine. Here are a few: - 

  • Reduced costs: - Plastic injection molding allows for production in mass on a cost-effective scale. Almost the entire process is controlled by machineries and computerized equipment. The machineries used for this purpose can be managed by one operator only. This cuts down the labour cost or keep it to the least amount. This in turn, lowers the overall investment on the process which finally reduced the cost of the manufacturing parts of the machine.
  • Speed of production: - Plastic injection molding process is a very fast production process. This is another factor that cuts down the cost of the machine. The production cycle times can take up to just a few seconds according to the product that is being melded.
  • Production quality: - At the best manufacturing place, the elements are produced to the most elevated levels of precision. Here, minimum finishing is required. The molds and the machines that are used for plastic injection molding are custom-made. This means that these machines are designed for meeting the exact requirements of every customer while automation. This ensures the reduction of errors at the time of manufacturing and allows close tolerances when the molds are made.
  • Efficient production method: - The plastic injection molding method is highly efficient because negligible amount of the raw materials is wasted or scraped. The plastic or the raw materials that are left after the previous cycle, are recollected, recycled and again melted for use in the next cycle. This allows in optimizing the raw materials. Moreover, this also allows to have a control over the stock.
  • Simplified process: - The plastic injection molding technique has proved to reduce the number of elements needed for manufacturing a product, therefore, reducing the assembling time.