Wednesday, 5 October 2016

4 Important Mineral Water Minerals Optimally Maintained By a Mineral Water Plant

A powerful mineral water plant produces drinking water which is the purest and safest for our health. The need of packaged drinking water plant in Kolkata is on the rise since it effectively maintains the exact quantities of all the essential minerals in the produced water consuming which we can maintain personal hygiene. 

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

All about Food Processing Trends in the Present Years

Food manufacturing and processing has been one of the most widespread jobs in the recent years. Alike all other professions, there has been changing trends in the profession through the years. If you take a closer look at things, there has been quite a massive change in the trends followed by a food processing plant throughout.

Efficient energy consumption

Energy consumption is definitely a big factor when it comes to processing of food. However, taking a look the static increase in the power consumption through the entire process, manufacturers have become all the more cautious about it and are doing their best to bring about a decrease in the same. What adds on the appeal of this is the ecological awareness that it carries along.

Best refrigeration strategies

Advanced refrigerating process is something that has been creating a hype these days. With a massive advance in the technological sphere, there is no denying the fact that refrigeration processes have developed greatly. There has been a great demand to bring down the levels of ammonia contamination in the food due to old ways of refrigeration. It is primarily due to this that CO2 has been opted as a vital alternative for the same.

Cost effectiveness – With the rising cost of manufacturing in the recent times, entrepreneurs have been into a lot of innovation, bringing up new techniques that can bring down the costs. There were times when manufacturers primarily looked into the profitability of a plant as a whole, however, in the recent times, they are primarily concentrating on the product as a whole.

Priti International has steadily transformed into a renowned name in the field of food processing in the city of joy. Being a multi-faceted company it has even made sufficient name for itself as an efficient candy and lollypop making plant in Kolkata. The use of latest technology ensures the fact that the products made are of the best quality in the market, making it safe enough for consumption at all times. 

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Exotic Fruits are the Options Fruit Juice Plant in Kolkata are Grabbing

2015 gave way to the concept of exotic fruits a new dimension. And the year is making it a cult option for most of the fruit juice manufacturers. Fruit juices are commented as healthy if consumed by members of a family or individual regularly. Keeping this in mind, P.M Narendra Modi has asked whether it is possible to mix 2% of the fruit juice concentration on aerated products. Though his intention was to create opportunities for the farmers in obtaining a profitable access against their production. Ultimately, fruit juice plant in Kolkata is thinking this to be a brighter option for the people. 

  • Health Conscious:

Majority mothers are found purchasing fruit juice packets for their little ones. Significantly, this has been creating antioxidant helping to increase the immunity power of the children. Going back to the exotic fruits, star fruit or kiwi what is locally called are making people dive on the people. These are largely enriched with colours or fruits that are tastier to consume. Even coconut water mixes well with any of the tropical as well as non-tropical fruits.

  • Mix and Match:

Nowadays many are found to have included a combination of kiwi fruit. Fruit Juice Plant in Kolkata is found to have used mix and match of the fruits and vegetables. For instance, the Star fruit kiwi as found is exported from the west. Arranging all the ingredients of kiwi, appeal, pear makes the star fruit juice it all-time favourites. Deciding on the others, this does include of the dragon fruit mango and guava pineapple.

  • Counting on the Options:  

Variety becomes the staple option for the juice manufacturers. The options allow people to select and have their favourite flavours. Moreover, they would consume an equal amount of vitamins, calcium, proteins, of what the fruits are enriched with. Generally, most of these fruits juices are also earning profit out of the growing market. These blends or mixing of the fruits comes up with proper botanical advantages in the end.
All these have contributed in making business and healthy complement each other positively. Fruit juice plant in Kolkata is taking it good for widening their business opportunities with more and more machineries supplied to the relevant food chains.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Leading Candy and Lollypop Plant in Kolkata

Priti International has slowly yet steadily developed to become one of the leading Candy and lollypop plant in Kolkata. With efficient machineries that provide the best output, the candies produced here are not just delicious, but are tested thoroughly before being released into the market.

Machineries used for the preparation of candies and lollypops

Automatic candy forming machines – The automatic candy forming machine is one of the most efficient machine that is used in this enterprise. The machine is used to churn out candies of all shapes and sizes. The best part of it is that a candy that measures only about 12mm can also be created using this machine that makes the size of the size of the candy no bar for the company. It can work for an average time span of 8 hours with a candy load of 2500kgs per day that it makes it worth the installation.

Vacuum Cooker – The use of a vacuum cooker is often restricted to the premises of a candy and lollypop plant. The upper portion of the cooker is where the material for making a candy or a lollypop is prepared in the initial stages. It is after this that the net content is then transferred on to the lower portion for the final preparation.  It is here that the moisture content from the product is removed completely.

Apart from crating the finest quality candies, Priti International believes in looking after customer in the best possible way. The requirements of the customers are given a lot of priority. Now gorge on candies and ignite the child in you!

Monday, 18 April 2016

The Waste Water Treatment Plants in Kolkata & Their Challenges

Before we proceed towards the elaborated information about Waste Water Treatment Plants, let us know what waste water actually means. Water that is contaminated due to effects of biophysical environments, biodiversity and other living resources or human activity is called “waste water”. The Waste Water Treatment Plants convert the unusable water into better format so that they can be used, or returned to the usage cycle. This is done to reduce the adverse environmental impact. There are Sewage Treatment Plants too which treat waste water from household or industries.

The Method of Waste Water Treatment: 
A waste water treatment plant may involve processes like sedimentation, phase separation, filtration, oxidation (Biochemical and Chemical) and polishing. These are the methods by which clean water, which is an essential resource, is returned to the sources or channels of water. 

In case of a sewage treatment plant, particularly, the treatment is done through screening or removing large objects, primary and secondary treatment of removing organic solid matter and putting water in aeration lanes to break bacteria into sludge respectively. Another process involved is in the Final or Tertiary Treatment stage, where the sludge is scraped and water is almost free from every possible harmful substance.

 The Challenges Faced & the Solution:  
 In many cities and in Kolkata especially, water treatment is an essential operation. It is because the quality of water in the city, firstly, has the hardness factor. To add to it, the production of sewage is high too. Therefore environment needs both waste water treatment and Water Softening Plantin Kolkata. There are a few hindrances that characterise these plants’ operations:

  1.  Most of the Waste Water Treatment Plants in Kolkata are not optimally equipped compared to nature and volume of waste and sewage that the waste water comprises of. Some were installed in time when there was more of biological waste. Therefore, they are not compatible totally with the chemical waste generated.
  2. The availability of water is a problem too in Kolkata. There are a host of residential and other infrastructure projects. The land acquisition rules do not enable acquiring land easily
  3. To add to the woes, the maintenance and construction costs are also major obstacles in the way of these projects. Skilled and certified individuals for such plants are required, as well as, technologically advanced machinery can only treat water in this region properly.

 Priti International, a turnkey project service provider is a reliable name that has emerged into the scene of water treatment in Kolkata. The company provides complete solutions from project planning, installation, equipping latest machinery of highest quality to after sales services. The company undertakes to redefine the capacity and technology of Waste and Sewage Treatment Plants in Kolkata.