Monday, 18 April 2016

The Waste Water Treatment Plants in Kolkata & Their Challenges

Before we proceed towards the elaborated information about Waste Water Treatment Plants, let us know what waste water actually means. Water that is contaminated due to effects of biophysical environments, biodiversity and other living resources or human activity is called “waste water”. The Waste Water Treatment Plants convert the unusable water into better format so that they can be used, or returned to the usage cycle. This is done to reduce the adverse environmental impact. There are Sewage Treatment Plants too which treat waste water from household or industries.

The Method of Waste Water Treatment: 
A waste water treatment plant may involve processes like sedimentation, phase separation, filtration, oxidation (Biochemical and Chemical) and polishing. These are the methods by which clean water, which is an essential resource, is returned to the sources or channels of water. 

In case of a sewage treatment plant, particularly, the treatment is done through screening or removing large objects, primary and secondary treatment of removing organic solid matter and putting water in aeration lanes to break bacteria into sludge respectively. Another process involved is in the Final or Tertiary Treatment stage, where the sludge is scraped and water is almost free from every possible harmful substance.

 The Challenges Faced & the Solution:  
 In many cities and in Kolkata especially, water treatment is an essential operation. It is because the quality of water in the city, firstly, has the hardness factor. To add to it, the production of sewage is high too. Therefore environment needs both waste water treatment and Water Softening Plantin Kolkata. There are a few hindrances that characterise these plants’ operations:

  1.  Most of the Waste Water Treatment Plants in Kolkata are not optimally equipped compared to nature and volume of waste and sewage that the waste water comprises of. Some were installed in time when there was more of biological waste. Therefore, they are not compatible totally with the chemical waste generated.
  2. The availability of water is a problem too in Kolkata. There are a host of residential and other infrastructure projects. The land acquisition rules do not enable acquiring land easily
  3. To add to the woes, the maintenance and construction costs are also major obstacles in the way of these projects. Skilled and certified individuals for such plants are required, as well as, technologically advanced machinery can only treat water in this region properly.

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