Thursday, 2 June 2016

Leading Candy and Lollypop Plant in Kolkata

Priti International has slowly yet steadily developed to become one of the leading Candy and lollypop plant in Kolkata. With efficient machineries that provide the best output, the candies produced here are not just delicious, but are tested thoroughly before being released into the market.

Machineries used for the preparation of candies and lollypops

Automatic candy forming machines – The automatic candy forming machine is one of the most efficient machine that is used in this enterprise. The machine is used to churn out candies of all shapes and sizes. The best part of it is that a candy that measures only about 12mm can also be created using this machine that makes the size of the size of the candy no bar for the company. It can work for an average time span of 8 hours with a candy load of 2500kgs per day that it makes it worth the installation.

Vacuum Cooker – The use of a vacuum cooker is often restricted to the premises of a candy and lollypop plant. The upper portion of the cooker is where the material for making a candy or a lollypop is prepared in the initial stages. It is after this that the net content is then transferred on to the lower portion for the final preparation.  It is here that the moisture content from the product is removed completely.

Apart from crating the finest quality candies, Priti International believes in looking after customer in the best possible way. The requirements of the customers are given a lot of priority. Now gorge on candies and ignite the child in you!

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