Thursday, 11 May 2017

Know Why the Corrugated Cartons Are Widely Used

Corrugated cartons are generally used for shipping containers. These are actually kind of boxes that are actually manufactured by the corrugated carton manufacturing plant in Kolkata and are distributed to sale as soon as they are prepared. These boxes are widely used because of the shape according to which the manufacturers produce it is fit to for packaging solution. It depends on the boxes that for what it have been made, keeping it on the shelf or to dispense it. As because these boxes can provide safety to fragile items so they are widely used in food industry and also the boxes are easy for transporting.


Generally, the manufacturer makes a unique design for the boxes and the edge of these corrugated boxes mainly has rows that are made of air columns. These air columns are actually installed in the boxes so that the box can act as a cushion for the material that is packed. It also helps to ensure that this mechanism must preserve the box from mechanical shocks, jerks and also vibrations.

How are these boxes made?

Actually, the boxes are made with the help of corrugators’ machines which are available with different Turnkey project solutions in Kolkata. In those machines, different designs of papers are inserted and according to the paper, the boxes are made. There are actually three important stages to make such cartons:-
  • Corrugating all the flutes and securing it into a single liner.
  • Adding extra liner to outside to make a very hard board.  
  • Proper cutting of the board.

Benefits of using Corrugated Boxes:-

  • These boxes are very light in weight and thus, it’s really convenient to handle while packaging as well as loading.
  • The raw material that is used to manufacture the boxes is not at all expensive so the demand of the box is pretty much higher.
  • Moreover, these boxes have better printing facility. So, because of this reason these boxes are used effectively for promotions and marketing work.
  • They can also be available in various kinds of shapes as well as colours. Clients according to their need can order the boxes.
  • Another, very important advantages of these boxes are that these are completely recyclable in nature that helps them to make the boxes eco-friendly as well.

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