Friday, 28 July 2017

The Story Behind The Success of Biscuit Making

Whenever the word ‘biscuit’ comes in the mind of any adult or kid, an imaginary picture of a cup of hot drink also floats in front along with it. Crunchy biscuits have proven to be such an evening snack that can never be a boring one.

Why Biscuit is the all time Favourite Choice to go with a Sip of a Hot Drink?

The Biscuit MakingPlant in Kolkata prepares a countless varieties of biscuits in different flavours, shapes, sizes, textures and colours. Different shapes of moulds are available in the market to make biscuits or cookies of different shapes. Cookies are nothing but a snack similar to biscuits with a bit or more sweetness and crunch. Some of the yummy flavours include chocolate, vanilla, dry fruits, fresh fruits flavours. Biscuits can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian depending on whether egg is present in the ingredients list.

Biscuit making – A Business with less Investment and Huge profit:-

A large number of bakery shops are getting opened in every narrow lanes of the city. Branches and sub branches of the main ones are also getting inaugurated in almost every residential and office areas. Due to this more and more orders are getting placed to meet the highly increasing demand of the residents of the location.
The machineries required to execute this business plan are:-
  • Dough mixer - used for mixing the ingredients like flour, milk, sugar and yeast for preparing the dough.
  • Rotary moulder - used to produce biscuit dough pieces from short dough which are forced into the moulds.
  • Rotary cutter – used to cut fine design on the dough.
  • Biscuit Baking oven – used to finally bake the biscuits to give a perfect crunchy bite.
  • Laminator – used in biscuit making to harden the biscuits.
  • Cooling Conveyor – helps in cooling down of biscuits after baking.
  • Oil Sprayer – used to spray little oil on the baked ones.
  • Biscuit sandwiching machine – mainly used to prepare cream biscuits which resemble sandwiches with cream in between tow biscuits.
A Turnkey Project is always a Well Planned Tentative Project:- 

A turnkey project is one of the modes to carry out the international business. The Turnkey Project Solutions in Kolkata Offer many engineering turnkey projects, designing and commissioning those with the help of many experts who promises that the customers won’t face any kind of inconveniences. One of the examples is the mineral water plant, DM Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Confectionary & Bakery Plants, etc. Some other visible solutions are also provided under the guidance of excellent management.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Operate and Maintain The Water Treatment Plant Effectively

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We can see WaterSoftening Plant in Kolkata that is run by the owners of the same but before that, it is important to know the technical backgrounds to ensure that the water treatment plant is operating smoothly. Also, it is very important to maintain it and it requires a lot of work to do if you don’t have a clear idea about it. Also, you will end up losing a huge amount of money if you don’t have proper information about it.

Why water treatment plant?

Today the water treatment plants have developed because it can able to serve superior quality water to all the communities. It is found that the water has some amount of mineral that is much more than desirability. More mineral content means more amount of hardness of the water which can cause the severe problem to not only your health but also the devices which the water is used. Thus, to take care of the water and provide softener water you can use this plant.

How Water Softener Plants does works?

A water softener plant includes a pressure vessel and also contains a bed of in exchanger through which the water gets softer. The vessel is then fitted with an extended pipe to the valves. The resin bed which is required to remove the hardness of the water allows the capacity of the resin to hold. When the capacity of the entire resin is exhausted then you can inject a salt solution to make the resin a softener again.

Process for regeneration of an exhausted softener

•    The Machinery Supplier from Kolkata always asks the people that they should maintain a record of the water meter.
•    Start backwash if it is needed.
•    You can include salt solution as well.
Know when to regenerate
•    When you can see that the water meter reading that the softener almost treated the utmost quantity then you must test the kit. It is critical to record the work of the water heater without a proper log book and also you cannot know the water regeneration.
•    If you see that the hardness of the water reached beyond the normal one then you must shut down the softener and prepare the regeneration properly.