Monday, 24 July 2017

Operate and Maintain The Water Treatment Plant Effectively

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We can see WaterSoftening Plant in Kolkata that is run by the owners of the same but before that, it is important to know the technical backgrounds to ensure that the water treatment plant is operating smoothly. Also, it is very important to maintain it and it requires a lot of work to do if you don’t have a clear idea about it. Also, you will end up losing a huge amount of money if you don’t have proper information about it.

Why water treatment plant?

Today the water treatment plants have developed because it can able to serve superior quality water to all the communities. It is found that the water has some amount of mineral that is much more than desirability. More mineral content means more amount of hardness of the water which can cause the severe problem to not only your health but also the devices which the water is used. Thus, to take care of the water and provide softener water you can use this plant.

How Water Softener Plants does works?

A water softener plant includes a pressure vessel and also contains a bed of in exchanger through which the water gets softer. The vessel is then fitted with an extended pipe to the valves. The resin bed which is required to remove the hardness of the water allows the capacity of the resin to hold. When the capacity of the entire resin is exhausted then you can inject a salt solution to make the resin a softener again.

Process for regeneration of an exhausted softener

•    The Machinery Supplier from Kolkata always asks the people that they should maintain a record of the water meter.
•    Start backwash if it is needed.
•    You can include salt solution as well.
Know when to regenerate
•    When you can see that the water meter reading that the softener almost treated the utmost quantity then you must test the kit. It is critical to record the work of the water heater without a proper log book and also you cannot know the water regeneration.
•    If you see that the hardness of the water reached beyond the normal one then you must shut down the softener and prepare the regeneration properly.

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