Thursday, 31 August 2017

Switch To A Healthier Life By Using Clean Water

Water softening is the process of removing magnesium, calcium and some other metal cations from the hardwater. The ensuing soft water is like-minded with soap and expands the life span of plumbing. Water softening is done by means of:-
  • ·       Ion-exchange resin devices - Conventional water-softening machines projected for domestic use depends on an ion-exchange resin.
  •        Lime softening – In this case lime is added to soften the hard dirty water.
  •       Chelating agents - Chelators are used in chemical breakdown. Citric acid is used for softening the water in laundry detergents and soaps. A regularly used synthetic chelator is the ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA).
  •       Distillation and rain water – This is an expensive process.
  •       Reverse osmosis - Reverse osmosis (RO) uses hydrostatic pressure gradients across a particular membrane which has numerous pores to pass the water molecules whereas the ions of the hard water such as Ca2+ and Mg2+ are left behind and flushed into the drain. The resultant which is supplied is now free of those ions and soft. These membranes have a restricted capacity and should be replaced regularly.

The Water Softening Plant in Kolkata supplies clean and soft water to the industries like cotton mills, paper mills, Chemical plant, Poultry Firms, food processing units, fisheries, etc and many other domestic areas also. Using dirtied hard water is the main reason of spreading of diseases and infections. It is essential to understand the advantages of soft water to stay away from hazards.  

Get separated from ailments by consuming packaged drinking water.

The water which is used for the production of packaged drinking water is derived from sources like ground water from borewell, public drinking water systems from the municipality supply that is received daily. The Packaged Drinking Water Plant in Kolkata packs the pure water in the PET bottles of different capacities through an automatic filling, rinsing and capping machine attached with an ozone generator. This is done in accordance with the instructions given by the ISI. The process of purifying is followed with the testing and packaging steps. These bottles are available in all local shops and are priced nominally according to the capacities.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Fetch The Most Nourishing Food Products For Cattle And Poultries

Farming is practiced in many parts of the country and worldwide. Different scientific ways are adapted nowadays for farming cattle and poultries. Feeding the animals with healthy food items is one of the most essential things to be remembered while farming. A wholesome meal can give production to healthy products. The plants and mills make the best use of the versatile machines in a way such that there is negligible loss or shortage of any of the products. The high quality stuffs are also exported to many other places other than the local areas and are supplied at nominal prices.

Give animals a healthy life with dietary food commodities.  

The feed industry is mainly restricted to dairy and poultry feed manufacturing. The Poultry and Cattle Feed Plant produces the feeding products for the poultries like chicken, ducks, etc and for the grazing cattle and livestock. The most commonly used food was forage like wastes, household scraps, etc. A healthier replacement for this is the fodder which is an agricultural foodstuff to feed the domesticated livestock and is made up of hay, silage, etc in appropriate ratios. It includes all the required minerals and supplements. Now, there are better options to go for feeding the animals. With the growth of the farming industries, more awareness came into existence among the farmers that the forages are not at all enough to provide all the supplements and nutrition to the flocks. As the realization raised, the need and want for more of the healthful food items also boosted and with this the plants started making tonnes of these using the giant machineries to give adequate amounts of products to the stores and farms at a time.

Earlier the farmers used to feed the cattle with the crop residues. Superior quality of processed foodstuffs are now bought as a substitute. The Cattle Feed Meal Plant in Kolkata makes and packs enormous quantities of these items and sells in different prices as per the capacities of the packets or containers. The correct portion of the dairy meal will increase in better quality of milk production. Farmers must plan for the requirements of animal feed during a particular season or climate. Latest food processors are used for the manufacturing of nutrient rich bits and pieces. The plants collect all the raw materials and blends as per the instructions given by the nutritionists.

Before purchasing one must have a good knowledge about the amount and type of product suitable for the animal.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Buy Packaged Water Bottles And Say Goodbye To Diseases

Water is most essential for the survival of living beings. Impure water is not fit to be used for any portable purposes. Thus, it is very much important to purify water before using. There are many such plants for making water germ free.  

Kolkata is counted in one of the water-rich cities. The Water Plant in Kolkata focuses on water treatment processes for different purposes. After the whole process is completed, the water is sealed in big jar sort of containers as well as packed in small pouches and then supplied to the required places.

How does the packaged drinking water plant works?

Water is generally boiled at home for purification. But is that enough to make it healthy? No, even after boiling the water is infected with few leftover germs. It is a better choice to opt for the packaged bottles to have the water which is completely pure. On an average an approx amount of 1.39 litres of water is used to produce a litre of packaged bottled water. The plants use the most advanced machines for this purpose. There are four sections in these plants which include water treatment, boiling, utility and quality control. The processes which are followed after collecting the impure water are coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection and corrosion. With the completion of these processes, water is finally tested and packed in the bottles of different sizes and supplied for consumption. The plastic material bottles used for packaging the purified water are made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and is completely safe but not meant to be reused for consumption. The water in these bottles tastes a bit different because of having different mineral concentration. There are some licenses that are required for setting up these plants like ISI certification from BIS, trademark registration, medical certificates for the workers, certification for pest control, sanction of electrical load, certification for pollution control, etc.  

The bottles are priced in accordance with the capacities like the 500ml bottles are available at rupees 10-12, 1 litre bottles at rupees 20 and so on. The Packaged Drinking Water Plant in Kolkata supplies these safe water bottles in different sizes and prices. One can easily make a purchase of these from any local shops. 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

History Of The Success Of Confectionery & Bakery Plants

There are many renowned names in the list of Confectionery& Bakery Plants in Kolkata. These plants are supplying huge quantity of food products every day to the vast range of confectionary shops which in turn sell these food items to the customers. The latest technical bakery machines have made it possible to produce these food items in tons every single day.

Demand of confectionery and baked foods are increasing day by day. People of all ages love to munch on these products in any time of the day. Having a bite of the crispy snacks is the favourite choice with a cup of a hot drink. Serving the guests becomes easy if one has some of the varieties of pastries and snacks in the kitchen. It helps to avoid cooking. Even the lunch boxes of kids can be filled up with these yummy food items.

Evolution of the Flour Mill Plants in Kolkata.

The word ‘Atta’ is quiet familiar to all common people. It is considered as the staple food product of all households. The main course meals like chapatti, parathas and the all time favourite puris are made from Atta. Hence, it can be clearly understood that demand for flour will never go down. The Flour Mill Plant Conveying in Kolkata potentially crushes up to almost three tonnes of the raw materials like wheat or barley or any other grain each and every day to supply the large number of grocery shops in every narrow lanes of the city. 

But it was not at all easy to grind this much quantity of grains to produce flour in the early days. The modern technology has made it possible by creating the automatic grinding machines. Large quantities of grains are pushed in these machines from which the flour comes out. These machines not only crush the grains or the raw materials but also purify it to bring out the finest quality. Flour is not only the basic requirement for the household kitchens but also of prime importance in the restaurants. Flour is the key ingredient for varieties of Indian and continental dishes as well.