Friday, 11 August 2017

Buy Packaged Water Bottles And Say Goodbye To Diseases

Water is most essential for the survival of living beings. Impure water is not fit to be used for any portable purposes. Thus, it is very much important to purify water before using. There are many such plants for making water germ free.  

Kolkata is counted in one of the water-rich cities. The Water Plant in Kolkata focuses on water treatment processes for different purposes. After the whole process is completed, the water is sealed in big jar sort of containers as well as packed in small pouches and then supplied to the required places.

How does the packaged drinking water plant works?

Water is generally boiled at home for purification. But is that enough to make it healthy? No, even after boiling the water is infected with few leftover germs. It is a better choice to opt for the packaged bottles to have the water which is completely pure. On an average an approx amount of 1.39 litres of water is used to produce a litre of packaged bottled water. The plants use the most advanced machines for this purpose. There are four sections in these plants which include water treatment, boiling, utility and quality control. The processes which are followed after collecting the impure water are coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection and corrosion. With the completion of these processes, water is finally tested and packed in the bottles of different sizes and supplied for consumption. The plastic material bottles used for packaging the purified water are made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and is completely safe but not meant to be reused for consumption. The water in these bottles tastes a bit different because of having different mineral concentration. There are some licenses that are required for setting up these plants like ISI certification from BIS, trademark registration, medical certificates for the workers, certification for pest control, sanction of electrical load, certification for pollution control, etc.  

The bottles are priced in accordance with the capacities like the 500ml bottles are available at rupees 10-12, 1 litre bottles at rupees 20 and so on. The Packaged Drinking Water Plant in Kolkata supplies these safe water bottles in different sizes and prices. One can easily make a purchase of these from any local shops. 

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