Monday, 25 September 2017

Study The Work Process Of A Fruit Juice Plant In Kolkata

According to the processing techniques, there can be many classifications of fruits drinks or juices. Different fruits taste differently and have different properties like the seasonal variations, different sweetening or concentration degrees, etc and according to these the plant decides on the additives to be added to make the juices taste good. The amount of additives to be incorporated is a major factor which making the drinks. The steps through which the Fruit Juice Plant In Kolkata undergoes to bring out the pure fruit juices are as follows: -
  1. Washing: - The fruits in the plant are not washed with normal water only as we all do while consuming the fruits or before extracting the juices. In the plant tonnes of fruits are washed with detergents and rubbed with scrubbers to prevent them from getting contaminated.
  2.  Extraction: - There are all types of machines in the plant for extracting all the pulps and juices from the fruits. Some are even de-seeded while the extraction process.
  3.  Blending: - This is done only in case of seasonal changes in the appearances and the flavours of the fruits. Juices of the fruits freezes or get lessened if stored in the freezer for long time. The juices of these fruits are blended or mixed up with the fresh arrivals to enhance the concentration of the drink.
  4. De-oiling: - The peels of citrus fruits have oils. Removing the peels need the centrifuge or the hermetic separator.
  5. De-aeration: - This process is carried out with high-tech machines to remove the oxygen. Home-made fruit juices often look quite frothy and bubbly but the store bottles don’t. The reason is the removal of the oxygen content.
  6. Pasteurization: - The extracts are pasteurized to enhance the taste, flavour and nutrition of the drinks.
  7. De-bittering: - various physical, chemical and biological techniques are applied to remove the bitter compounds of the fruit extracts like limonin present in the citrus fruits mostly.
  8. Evaporation:- The evaporators are used for this purpose. This is done to thicken the juice concentration and lessen the amount of water content.
  9. Recovery of essence: - This step is just to improve the taste and flavour of the product. The smell or essence is the first thing that a customer finds in a juice bottle.
  10. At the end the juices are sealed in hygienic bottles to supply these to the shops in the market.

Not only fruit juices but there are so many other beverages that are made in a plant. Among these, soda water is quite demanding. The advanced and highly efficient Soda Water Plant Machine makes it possible to make fresh and cool soda waters. The steps followed to make this type of drink are:-
  • ·Clarifying the water first.
  •  Filtering then sterilizing and then de-chlorinating the water.
  •  Blending the ingredients together.
  •  Carbonation process of the beverage.
  •  Filling, sealing and finally the packing is done.
Recently the plant is also adding different fruit flavours to the normal soda water to enhance the aroma and taste of the beverages. Whenever the soda water bottles are opened, amazing fruity smell comes out along with the bubbles or froth. The bottles are found in different sizes and prices in the market shops. 

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