Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Survey The Complete System Of Food Processing Plant.

Lollipops are actually the hardened form of candies with a small stick for holding. Lollipops are available in different flavours. The main ingredients of a lollipop are sugar, flavoured syrups or juices, malic acid, citric acid and water. The flavourings can be natural or artificial ones. Some of the ingredients may differ according to the choices of the manufacturers.
Lollipop or candy making is not so much complicated. The Candy And Lollypop Making Plant In Kolkata follows a particular technique to make the yummiest lollipops and candies.  
  • The raw materials or ingredients are brought to the manufacturing plant in bulk amounts. The first step followed is to melt the sugar and dissolve in water. Tonnes of sugar are melted at a time for production in huge numbers. It takes approximately 8-9 hours to melt 80kgs of sugar. With the completion of the dissolving process, the sugary water is put into the pre-cooker.
  •  Corn syrup is a key ingredient in making candies and lollipops. This element is also added to the pre-cooker. The measurement in the cooker should be around 55% of the sugary water and 45% of the corn syrup.
  •  In the next step this mixture needs to be heated up to a temperature of around 225 degree Fahrenheit. The pre-cooker has a set of coils by means of which the slurry is passed.
  •  After heating up process is completed, the liquid is sent to the cooker from the pre-cooker. In the main cooker, the cooking is done under a vacuum for approximately 4-5 minutes at around 290 degree Fahrenheit. Cooking under the vacuum is mandatory in this process to remove the heat and moisture from the candies or lollipops. The big sized cookers can make up to 70kgs of candies or lollipops at a time.
  •  In the next step, the flavours, edible colours, citrus or malic acids all are added to the normal candies. A particular amount of these supplements are added. Excess amount of these additions can hamper the taste and flavour of these sweet edibles.
  •  Candies are now made. Some of the candies are wrapped and some are taken to the next step convert these into the form of lollipops.
  •  The candies are transferred to the batch rollers to extrude the candies from the cones and to get rolled into flat ropes. Then the entire batch is pushed to the sizing wheels to reduce the sizes.
  •  The candy rope is finally sent to a forming machine that presses the heads into spherical shapes and put in the small sticks simultaneously. This machine can make 1000 pops in a minute.
  • These lollipops are then cooled inside a cooling drum which rotates in a slow motion exposing the pops to the cooler air.
  • The cooled lollipops are then transferred to the conveyor belts and then put into the wrapping machines. The lollipops get wrapped automatically and then sent either to the bagging operation or to the boxing operation according to how these are going to be retailed.
  • The products are tested before supplying.
There are many other edible stuffs made by the Food Processing Plant In Kolkata which can be preserved and stored for many months. 

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