Thursday, 12 October 2017

Get Complete Water Treatment Solutions From A Water Plant

For water treatment that is for purifying the impure water, the plant needs to undergo a number of steps. For every step, a machine is required. The machineries must be of premium quality and must be efficient enough to help in eliminating the impurities from large amount of unhygienic water at a time.
Clarification system: - Raw water is drawn or gathered from either a surface water source or from the underground. Even the rain water can be collected and treated for the suspended solids, colloidal particles and turbidity using the clarification systems. The Water Plant in Kolkata as a leading industry offers the widest range of these treatments solutions in modest prices. The offerings and designs are customized according to the project requirement. The machineries are made to bear the varying inlet loads, reduced power requirements, minimized sludge generation and low space and area of installation. The range of water treatment machineries include the: -
  • ·     Clarifiers.
  •       Clariflocculator.
  •       Reactor clarifiers.
  •       Tube settlers.
  •       Plate settlers.

Filtration systems: - A wide range of machineries for filtration systems are made to enable treatment of the suspended particles, eliminate the odour, colour and oil through the filtration process. The filtration solution range includes: -
  • ·      Gravity sand filters.
  •        Pressure sand filters.
  •        Dual and multimedia filters.
  •        Auto valveless gravity filters.
  •        Activated carbon filters.
  •        Walnut shell carbon filters.
  •        Micro filtration systems.

What are the machineries that are needed to make mineral water?
The machineries used by the Mineral Water Plant in Kolkata can be widely categorized according to the following sections: -
  • ·      Water treatment section – This section consists of all the equipments required to process and treat the collected water. It can be classified into pre-filtration in which the physical impurities and odour are removed from the raw and contaminated water. Then comes the RO filtration which is the membrane filtration. Reverse osmosis is used for the purpose. At the last, post-filtration is applied where UV radiation is used along with ozonation and addition of minerals.
  •       Bottle making system – The PET bottles are used here. Small necked bottles are blown with high pressure to increase the volume inside the bottles. Machineries that are required are the high pressure air compressors, performance heaters, conveyors, blowing machines, moulds and the mould chillers.
  •       Bottle filling section – For this purpose capping machines are needed. The empty PET bottles are fed to RFC machines where the bottles are rinsed, filled and capped according to the capacity of the bottles.

There are a few more machineries that a mineral water plants must get supplemented with. Some of these are the compressors, coaling towers and generators.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Meet Varied Market Demands With Turnkey Project Solutions

A turnkey solution is a kind of system which can be conveniently implemented into the current business processes. The solution gets instantly ready to be used upon implementation. It is created to fulfil a certain procedure such as website design, billing, content management or training. The suppliers of Turnkey Project Solutions in Kolkata provide specialized solutions in different fields with technical consulting for all the segments. The solutions are mainly provided for the mineral water plants, DM plants, Drinking water plants, sewage treatment plant, effluent treatment plant, soda water plant, water softening plant, candy and lollipop making plant, fruit juice plant, flour mills, animal feed plant and the confectionary plant. The provider must be licensed to supply the solutions.

The Candy and Lollypop Making Plant in Kolkata is one of the rising industries now producing the largest varieties of candies and lollipops using the latest technologies. The machines are highly efficient for making these types of sweet bites. The candy making machines are thoroughly tested before using. The machines are made considering some factors like low maintenance, easy operation and high results without wasting the raw materials. The plant needs the entire range of equipments for making the candies. The machines are available with several technical specifications which can be also customized according to the customer’s requirements. Some of the equipments used by the candy and lollipop making plants are the dissolving tank, vibratory cooling tunnel vacuum batch cooker, rotary kneading machine, batch former machine, Candy sizing machine, Uni plast-O-plast sweet forming machine, three way cooling conveyor, automatic candy wrapping machine, single or double twist candy wrapping machine and automatic pillow pack machine. All these machines are supplied by the equipment manufacturing industries.

The ingredients used in the plants for making these sweetening bites are water, sugar, syrups, malic or citric acid and extra flavourings. Varieties of wrappers are used to wrap the candies. Some are simply transparent and some are the printed waxed papers. Particular steps are followed to make these edibles in the plants.
  • ·Firstly, dry sugar is brought to the plant in gondola cars which are attached to the liquidizer. Then the sugar is dissolved into the water. It takes around an hour to dissolve approximately 180,000 lb sugar. Then the sugary syrup is put into the pre-cooker.
  •  The corn syrup is added to the sugary liquid in the pre-cooker. The ratio must be like 55% of the sugary water and 45% percent of the corn syrup. This solution is heated after mixing.
  • This heated liquid mixture is then pumped to the final cooker where the solution is cooked under vacuum for few minutes at around 290 degree Fahrenheit temperature. The vacuum essentially removes the moisture content and heat from the from the candy mixture Giant sized cooker can produce up to 70kgs of candies in a single batch.
  • Now the colours, flavours and acidic ingredients are added.
  • Then the candies are prepared to be transformed into lollipops. The cooled candies are sent to the batch rollers and then to the sizing wheels.
  • After the lollipops get cooled, these are moved to the conveyor belts and then dropped into the wrapping machines. The pops get automatically wrapped.
  • Finally these stuffs are packed and supplied.
Every step needs advanced machineries which are manufactured by the plants of the city in reduced prices. 

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Get Refreshed With Flavoured Soda Water

Carbonated water which is also referred to as the soda water, club soda water, bubbly water, seltzer water, sparkling water or the fizzy water is actually the water in which carbon dioxide is dissolved under pressure. Some of these are comprised of additives like sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride. These additives are incorporated or dissolved to emulate the slight salty taste. Flavours are added to enhance the taste of these beverages. Flavours may be of some spices, fruits or any other essence of edibles. Carbonation process makes the water effervescent. Mostly this carbonated or soda water is supplied or sold in bottles. Soda water is a bit acidic and has a little health impact. This type of liquid gets easily neutralized by the saliva. There are so many uses of soda water in our daily life. Some are: -
  • The plain soda water can be also mixed with different fruit juices and then consumed. Cutting fresh fruits and putting it in the beverage is another way of serving and consuming it. Some commonly used fruits are orange, mango, raspberry, pineapple, lemon or lime.
  • Soda water is also added to alcoholic drinks to provide the fizzy effect.
  • Soda water is also used to make dough and batter for cooking purposes. Adding this type of liquid to the batter or dough gives a light texture to the cooked stuff.
  • This liquid shows wonders in removing stains from the clothes.

The most trusted Soda Water Plant in Kolkata is supplemented with the most updated soda water making machineries to make the best quality and flavoured soda water. The Soda Water Plant Machine is a giant sized machine for making this fizzy drink. This machine works by pushing or injecting the carbon dioxide to produce the effervescence effect. The liquid is manufactured following some steps.
  • Water is clarified first.
  • The clarified water is then filtered, sterilized and de-chlorinated.
  • In the third step, all the ingredients are mixed in correct proportions. Flavours are added.
  • Then the beverage is carbonated.
  • Finally the prepared beverage is filled and packed in the bottles.

The quality of the drink is tested before supplying. The liquid is packed in different sized bottles and sold in different prices. 

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Use The Finest Quality Of Flour In Your Recipes

The process of grinding the grains like wheat into flour is called milling. The wheat grains are separated into its constituents like germ, brand and endosperm. As soon as the mass of wheat arrives in the mill, it is passed to the machine for cleaning and the coarse impurities are removed.
The Flour Mill in Kolkata collects wheat and other grains in tonnes and then crushes, grinds and sieves them to get finest powdery product which is referred to as the flour. The Mill mainly relies on the process of crushing the grains between two swiftly rotating rollers. The roller must be highly efficient to bring out the finest quality of flour.
During the process of milling, different constituents of the wheat grain are used to make different qualities and types of flour. For example, white flour is made out of the endosperm and the wholemeal type of flour makes the use of all the parts of the grain.
Briefly the steps of manufacturing can be summarized as follows: -
  • ·      Preparing the wheat for grinding process.
  •        Purifying the grain.
  •        Grinding the wheat.
  •        Processing the flour.

With the completion of the above steps the quality of the product is tested before packaging or supplying. The prices of flour differ with the types and qualities.
Flour is the chief ingredient of many recipes that are included in our everyday diet like chapatti, puri, parathas, biscuits, etc.
Biscuits are loved by the kids and the adults as well. There are so many types of biscuits available in the market and all are made with different techniques. Every type has a different taste. A particular process is followed by the Biscuit Making Plant in Kolkata to make sweet and salted biscuits and supply in huge quantities to the bakeries.
  • ·       Firstly the flour is sieved to separate the left-over particles.
  •      Then the dough is made by mixing the ingredients.
  •      The mixture is then put in the baking trays or moulds greased with oil.
  •      After this the biscuits are transferred to the cooling conveyors for cooling the hot baked biscuits.
  •      Finally the biscuits are packaged or sealed in packets and then supplied.

The machineries required for making biscuits are dough mixer, rotary moulder, rotary cutter, cooling conveyor, baking oven and oil sprayer. Addition of flavours enhances the taste and crunchiness of the edibles.