Thursday, 12 October 2017

Get Complete Water Treatment Solutions From A Water Plant

For water treatment that is for purifying the impure water, the plant needs to undergo a number of steps. For every step, a machine is required. The machineries must be of premium quality and must be efficient enough to help in eliminating the impurities from large amount of unhygienic water at a time.
Clarification system: - Raw water is drawn or gathered from either a surface water source or from the underground. Even the rain water can be collected and treated for the suspended solids, colloidal particles and turbidity using the clarification systems. The Water Plant in Kolkata as a leading industry offers the widest range of these treatments solutions in modest prices. The offerings and designs are customized according to the project requirement. The machineries are made to bear the varying inlet loads, reduced power requirements, minimized sludge generation and low space and area of installation. The range of water treatment machineries include the: -
  • ·     Clarifiers.
  •       Clariflocculator.
  •       Reactor clarifiers.
  •       Tube settlers.
  •       Plate settlers.

Filtration systems: - A wide range of machineries for filtration systems are made to enable treatment of the suspended particles, eliminate the odour, colour and oil through the filtration process. The filtration solution range includes: -
  • ·      Gravity sand filters.
  •        Pressure sand filters.
  •        Dual and multimedia filters.
  •        Auto valveless gravity filters.
  •        Activated carbon filters.
  •        Walnut shell carbon filters.
  •        Micro filtration systems.

What are the machineries that are needed to make mineral water?
The machineries used by the Mineral Water Plant in Kolkata can be widely categorized according to the following sections: -
  • ·      Water treatment section – This section consists of all the equipments required to process and treat the collected water. It can be classified into pre-filtration in which the physical impurities and odour are removed from the raw and contaminated water. Then comes the RO filtration which is the membrane filtration. Reverse osmosis is used for the purpose. At the last, post-filtration is applied where UV radiation is used along with ozonation and addition of minerals.
  •       Bottle making system – The PET bottles are used here. Small necked bottles are blown with high pressure to increase the volume inside the bottles. Machineries that are required are the high pressure air compressors, performance heaters, conveyors, blowing machines, moulds and the mould chillers.
  •       Bottle filling section – For this purpose capping machines are needed. The empty PET bottles are fed to RFC machines where the bottles are rinsed, filled and capped according to the capacity of the bottles.

There are a few more machineries that a mineral water plants must get supplemented with. Some of these are the compressors, coaling towers and generators.

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