Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Get Refreshed With Flavoured Soda Water

Carbonated water which is also referred to as the soda water, club soda water, bubbly water, seltzer water, sparkling water or the fizzy water is actually the water in which carbon dioxide is dissolved under pressure. Some of these are comprised of additives like sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride. These additives are incorporated or dissolved to emulate the slight salty taste. Flavours are added to enhance the taste of these beverages. Flavours may be of some spices, fruits or any other essence of edibles. Carbonation process makes the water effervescent. Mostly this carbonated or soda water is supplied or sold in bottles. Soda water is a bit acidic and has a little health impact. This type of liquid gets easily neutralized by the saliva. There are so many uses of soda water in our daily life. Some are: -
  • The plain soda water can be also mixed with different fruit juices and then consumed. Cutting fresh fruits and putting it in the beverage is another way of serving and consuming it. Some commonly used fruits are orange, mango, raspberry, pineapple, lemon or lime.
  • Soda water is also added to alcoholic drinks to provide the fizzy effect.
  • Soda water is also used to make dough and batter for cooking purposes. Adding this type of liquid to the batter or dough gives a light texture to the cooked stuff.
  • This liquid shows wonders in removing stains from the clothes.

The most trusted Soda Water Plant in Kolkata is supplemented with the most updated soda water making machineries to make the best quality and flavoured soda water. The Soda Water Plant Machine is a giant sized machine for making this fizzy drink. This machine works by pushing or injecting the carbon dioxide to produce the effervescence effect. The liquid is manufactured following some steps.
  • Water is clarified first.
  • The clarified water is then filtered, sterilized and de-chlorinated.
  • In the third step, all the ingredients are mixed in correct proportions. Flavours are added.
  • Then the beverage is carbonated.
  • Finally the prepared beverage is filled and packed in the bottles.

The quality of the drink is tested before supplying. The liquid is packed in different sized bottles and sold in different prices. 

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