Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Meet Varied Market Demands With Turnkey Project Solutions

A turnkey solution is a kind of system which can be conveniently implemented into the current business processes. The solution gets instantly ready to be used upon implementation. It is created to fulfil a certain procedure such as website design, billing, content management or training. The suppliers of Turnkey Project Solutions in Kolkata provide specialized solutions in different fields with technical consulting for all the segments. The solutions are mainly provided for the mineral water plants, DM plants, Drinking water plants, sewage treatment plant, effluent treatment plant, soda water plant, water softening plant, candy and lollipop making plant, fruit juice plant, flour mills, animal feed plant and the confectionary plant. The provider must be licensed to supply the solutions.

The Candy and Lollypop Making Plant in Kolkata is one of the rising industries now producing the largest varieties of candies and lollipops using the latest technologies. The machines are highly efficient for making these types of sweet bites. The candy making machines are thoroughly tested before using. The machines are made considering some factors like low maintenance, easy operation and high results without wasting the raw materials. The plant needs the entire range of equipments for making the candies. The machines are available with several technical specifications which can be also customized according to the customer’s requirements. Some of the equipments used by the candy and lollipop making plants are the dissolving tank, vibratory cooling tunnel vacuum batch cooker, rotary kneading machine, batch former machine, Candy sizing machine, Uni plast-O-plast sweet forming machine, three way cooling conveyor, automatic candy wrapping machine, single or double twist candy wrapping machine and automatic pillow pack machine. All these machines are supplied by the equipment manufacturing industries.

The ingredients used in the plants for making these sweetening bites are water, sugar, syrups, malic or citric acid and extra flavourings. Varieties of wrappers are used to wrap the candies. Some are simply transparent and some are the printed waxed papers. Particular steps are followed to make these edibles in the plants.
  • ·Firstly, dry sugar is brought to the plant in gondola cars which are attached to the liquidizer. Then the sugar is dissolved into the water. It takes around an hour to dissolve approximately 180,000 lb sugar. Then the sugary syrup is put into the pre-cooker.
  •  The corn syrup is added to the sugary liquid in the pre-cooker. The ratio must be like 55% of the sugary water and 45% percent of the corn syrup. This solution is heated after mixing.
  • This heated liquid mixture is then pumped to the final cooker where the solution is cooked under vacuum for few minutes at around 290 degree Fahrenheit temperature. The vacuum essentially removes the moisture content and heat from the from the candy mixture Giant sized cooker can produce up to 70kgs of candies in a single batch.
  • Now the colours, flavours and acidic ingredients are added.
  • Then the candies are prepared to be transformed into lollipops. The cooled candies are sent to the batch rollers and then to the sizing wheels.
  • After the lollipops get cooled, these are moved to the conveyor belts and then dropped into the wrapping machines. The pops get automatically wrapped.
  • Finally these stuffs are packed and supplied.
Every step needs advanced machineries which are manufactured by the plants of the city in reduced prices. 

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