Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Use The Finest Quality Of Flour In Your Recipes

The process of grinding the grains like wheat into flour is called milling. The wheat grains are separated into its constituents like germ, brand and endosperm. As soon as the mass of wheat arrives in the mill, it is passed to the machine for cleaning and the coarse impurities are removed.
The Flour Mill in Kolkata collects wheat and other grains in tonnes and then crushes, grinds and sieves them to get finest powdery product which is referred to as the flour. The Mill mainly relies on the process of crushing the grains between two swiftly rotating rollers. The roller must be highly efficient to bring out the finest quality of flour.
During the process of milling, different constituents of the wheat grain are used to make different qualities and types of flour. For example, white flour is made out of the endosperm and the wholemeal type of flour makes the use of all the parts of the grain.
Briefly the steps of manufacturing can be summarized as follows: -
  • ·      Preparing the wheat for grinding process.
  •        Purifying the grain.
  •        Grinding the wheat.
  •        Processing the flour.

With the completion of the above steps the quality of the product is tested before packaging or supplying. The prices of flour differ with the types and qualities.
Flour is the chief ingredient of many recipes that are included in our everyday diet like chapatti, puri, parathas, biscuits, etc.
Biscuits are loved by the kids and the adults as well. There are so many types of biscuits available in the market and all are made with different techniques. Every type has a different taste. A particular process is followed by the Biscuit Making Plant in Kolkata to make sweet and salted biscuits and supply in huge quantities to the bakeries.
  • ·       Firstly the flour is sieved to separate the left-over particles.
  •      Then the dough is made by mixing the ingredients.
  •      The mixture is then put in the baking trays or moulds greased with oil.
  •      After this the biscuits are transferred to the cooling conveyors for cooling the hot baked biscuits.
  •      Finally the biscuits are packaged or sealed in packets and then supplied.

The machineries required for making biscuits are dough mixer, rotary moulder, rotary cutter, cooling conveyor, baking oven and oil sprayer. Addition of flavours enhances the taste and crunchiness of the edibles.

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