Thursday, 16 November 2017

Working Of Corrugated Carton Manufacturing Plant in Kolkata

Most of the items at supermarkets or the discount stores are safely delivered in different sized boxes known as the corrugated cartons made up of the corrugated cardboards. Corrugated cardboard is actually a stiff and firm yet light weighted material made up of three layers a brown kraft paper. These papers are used for corrugated cartons or boxes for delivering such heavy products since these types of papers have the capability to resist splitting, tearing and bursting.

From the paper mills, huge numbers of rolls of kraft papers are seen to be transported to the Corrugated Carton Manufacturing Plant in Kolkata. At the plant, these papers are layered up to form the cardboards and finally to the cardboards are then folded, cut, printed, and glued up to form the cartons or the boxes. At the beginning of this entire process, the kraft rolls are loaded into the giant sized machine called the corrugator. After the cartons are made, batches of these finished cartons are banded together for supplying or shipping to the toy makers, food processing units, automobile parts distributors and many other establishments.

Raw materials: - The fast growing that is the tall pine trees supply the primary raw materials that are used to make the corrugated cardboards. The big packaging industries convert the wood of the trees to the kraft papers. Rolls of the papers are then supplying in massive number to the carton manufacturing plants.

Design: - Today, in a corrugated carton manufacturing plant, designers are appointed who create innovative containers that need four-colour printing and the complex die-cutting techniques. These designs are made using sophisticated software like CAD programs, etc. The designers generate new designs or renovate the existing ones. Many retail stores prefer to use the light weighted and colourful corrugated cartons.  

The manufacturing process: -
  1.  Collecting the manufactured kraft papers from the industries.
  2. Corrugating the cardboard using those kraft papers.
  3. Forming the blanks into the cartons using the corrugated cardboards. The cartons are too made using the corrugators machine.

Quality control: - Quality control starts with the checking of the quality of kraft papers supplied by the packaging industries. The kraft papers have to be smooth and firm. After the papers are passed through the corrugators and transformed into the cartons, individual blanks of the boxes or cartons are pulled from the stack and then tested. The cob test measures the amont of moisture content in the medium and the liner. The glue strength, compression power, bursting resisting strength and the highly accurate tests for the dimensions of the cartons determine the quality of the whole manufacturing process.

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