Friday, 12 January 2018

Things To Know About An Injection Molding Machine

The array of the most reputed manufacturer and supplier of Turnkey Project Solutions in Kolkata incorporate an injection molding machine too besides the other featured-packed machineries.

Now, What Is An Injection Molding Machine?

An injection molding machine is also known as an injection press. It is used for manufacturing the plastic items by the process of injection molding. The machine has two major parts, a clamping unit and an injection unit.

How The Machine Is Operated?

The molds of the injection molding machine can be fixed firmly in either a vertical position or a horizontal position. Most of the industrial machines are found to have a horizontal orientation. The vertical machines are used mainly in few niche applications like allowing the machine for taking advantage of the gravity and for insert molding. 

Some of the vertical machines do not need the mold to get tied up. There are several techniques of fastening the apparatuses to the platens, manual clamps being the most commonly used ones. However, the magnetic clamps and the hydraulic clamps are also used sometimes for the same purpose. These machineries are used where the fast tool alterations are needed. 

The manufacturer of the Injection Molding Machine selects that whether the mold will work the best if a cold runner system is used or if a hot runner system is used for carrying the plastic directly from the injection unit straight to the cavities. A cold runner is a  straightforward channel that is carved into the machine’s mold. 

The plastic, which fills this type of runner cools down as the portion cools and then it is ejected along with the portion as a spruce. The hot runner system is a bit more knotty, often making the use of cartridge heaters for keeping the plastic in the hot runner as the part cools down. After the ejection of this part, the plastic that is remained in the hot runner is then injected into the subsequent part. 

Features Of A HDPE And PVC Injection Blow Molding Machine: -
  • Double heads, triple heads, four heads, or five heads
  • Zebra Line head having two layers, three layers, or four layers
  • Single or double stations without or with a de-flashing machine in diverse models
  • The bobbling extruders
  • Being able to view the strip machineries
  • Bottom propelling system
  • Angular waft attachment
  • Multi-point controlling system
  • Extruders with larger screw
  • Fitted with the hot wire cutters
  • Tremendous variable speed of AC drive with high outcomes 

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