Monday, 12 March 2018

Use Shrink Wrap Machine For Automatic Packaging Applications

A shrink wrap machine is broadly used in the industrial applications for the automated packaging processes. Due to the requirement for rapid and more efficient packaging techniques, the shrink wrap machine has updated by including the shrink tunnel and web sealers. 

What are the Operating Principles of the Web Sealer Tunnel/Sleeve Wrapping Machines? 

  • The Shrink Wrapping Machine is used extensively for forming the plastic polymer film all around the item being packaged. The polyolefin wrap that is put all around the item act as the protective material. It is a simple packaging technique and is broadly used in several industrial packaging systems like food, soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, agro chemicals, etc. 
  • Conventionally, the shrink wrap machine was found to have L bar feeders where the operators could fit the plastic polymers. The manual technique is then replaced with the Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine that includes web sealer and shrink tunnel. 
  • The shrink tunnel is now fitted in most of the shrink wrap machines and is an integral part of the packaging process. The tunnel manages and reins the dimensional stability of shrink wrap thus enabling it to accomplish the perfect shape around the product that is packaged. 
  • The shrink tunnel is escalated on the conveyor system with plastic wrap that is loosely hanging on shrink tunnel. The gap between the rollers and the top of the shrink tunnel is warmed to allow the shrink wrap to coil around the item loosely and then seal it. Most of the shrink wraps incorporate diverse cooling and heating mechanisms in order to ensure that the packaging method is effective. 
Processing Capability and Capacity of the Shrink Tunnel Machines:-
  • Early, the shrink wrap machines had the L bar feeders and manual feeds. The procedure was quite slow and could package a few items in a minute. 
  • Due to the requirement for augmented speed, the automated conveyor systems, the shrink tunnel, the heat and air flow controllers and the web sealers have been fitted in most of the shrink wrap machine models. The automatic control and feed enable faster packaging. These machines are capable of packaging approximately 100 products in a minute. 
  • All systems are completely automated and are cautiously controlled using the PLCs and computers. The systems cool and heat the shrink wrap while conveyor system moves the items. The product is ultimately packaged and sealed using web sealer. 
  • The dimensions of the sealed package, cooling and heating time, weight, and the sealing length can be adjusted in order to suit specific application. Most of the machines have the maximum limit on parameters as per the size of the machine. 
Why Web Sealer is Incorporated on the Shrink Tunnel Machines? 
  • Including a web sealer completely automates the packaging technique thus, ensuring that wrap paper and the product are fed into the machine. The shrink wrap along with the web sealer perform functions like shrinking and wrapping the item. 
  • These machines are broadly used in the automated packaging methods where rapid packaging is needed.

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